Website Services Available with Get Mowed 
Most websites are much more advanced than websites that existed only a few years ago. Websites that just display information about your company give your company a web presence, but having a competitive website with interactive features like report uploading, online scheduling, & online credit card payment can give your business a real advantage over the competition. 

Don't Just Show Yourself, Sell Yourself 

Be Online Inc. websites are designed to help you get your point across to website visitors in a user-friendly manner. Some websites are hard to navigate through; others appear outdated and are put together poorly, with important information buried and less important information featured prominently. inspectHost websites are professionally designed so that you can show clients your company information, your background, your credentials, and tell them about the services you provide through a website that is aesthetically pleasing and makes navigating the links on your site easy. 

Upload Invoices and Reports  
Whether you have been delivering your invoices or reports to clients on paper, CD-Rom, by fax, or email, you will quickly learn the benefits of our online report system. Using the online report system is easy and can give you another advantage over your competition. 

The report system works like this: 
  • Upload a report 
  • Enter the price for the services performed 
  • Choose whether to send the client an invoice 
  • Choose whether to send the password or wait for payment 

That's it! The system takes care of the details. If you choose to send an invoice your clients, they will receive an email with the details and a link they can click on which takes them directly to the payment form. When the client pays online, they will receive an automatic email receipt and the username/password to download their report. If they send you a check, you can login and click a button to send them the password as well. 

Keep Records of Your Clients and Credit Card Payments 
If you choose to accept credit cards online, the system will notify you when someone pays you using a credit card on your website. The system keeps detailed records so you can print out a payment history monthly, quarterly, annually, or for a specified time interval. This eliminates some of the hassle of tedious bookwork and allows you to concentrate on your core business - whether that is landscaping, lawn care, or whatever your specialty might be. 

Allow Online Scheduling on Your Website 
If you choose to enable online scheduling, your clients will be able to submit the information about their lawn care needs, their contact information, and the date that the service is scheduled.